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NESTINAR is a Star Wars: The Old Republic European based RP-PVE guild on "The Progenitor" server at the side of the Sith Empire. Founded on 11th of November, 2011 as part of BioWare's pre-launch guild program. We are a congregation of like-minded players who establish Nestinar as an example of high level demeanor and class, all tightly knit in our determination to conquer all game challenges and socialize in a safe, relaxed and fun environment.

Nestinar holds five guild events per week which include operations in teams of 16, heavy RP and pastime activities.

In SW:TOR individual players become prominent heroes for their respective sides in the conflict and we offer a solid society circle where the Empire’s finest will find congenial company. There are no subservient members in our ranking structure. Instead of a multilevelled hierarchical command we’re all led forward by our shared ideals for bringing lasting order and justice to the galaxy....

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